Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend Plans?

Anything fun going on out there?

Me, I'm gonna help Humom do a jigsaw puzzle on the computer. Then, I'll supervise the yardwork that the humans are gonna do when it gets warm enough outside. Then I'm gonna do some birdwatching, we have go-finches
That's Puck's butt in the pic. It's from last year. The go-finches haven't let us take their picture yet.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!

I bet you thought that we'd post about shopping.
But no, that's Lucky and Puck.
They're sittin' there 'cause the heater points to the desk.
They usually sit on the black file cabinets on the left.
But it sure is cold here...
and we all know that wood is warm and metal is cold.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Turkey!

Would you believe we didn't get any turkey!
 All because of Chester.
He got all us cats in trouble.
 He went into the kitchen while Humom was taking a break and got up onto the stove and licked some of the butter that was in a skillet that was cooling off and now none of will ever get any of that bird!
So now I'm gonna bite and pounce him.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We Bad!

We learnt from Russell that this is Let's Act Out Month. And since this is what we do best; we thought'd we should share with you some of our Acts. 

1. Tag Team Pester Sissyfur Sooner- This is our personal favorite. We are relentless in our pursuit. Here are the results of our latest pesterin'...
 I swiped Sooner's nose
She swiped me in my eye.
Humom is none too happy. Now she gots to hold me down and put goo on my eyeball.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Chester!

Hi there! My name is  Chester T. Jester. Ain't I a hoot.
Wanna learn some reallly cool stuff about me?
I can squeeze under the bathroom door.
I'm a snuggle bunny & expert cuddler.
I can pester better than any of the other cats.
I'm a huge fan of formal wear; I wear a tuxedo all the time.
I have a moustache.
I'm a self taught computer expert.
My middle name is Trouble.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi! I'm Mickey

This is me, Mickey the Maniac Monster Meezer.
I cause chaos and confusion everywhere I go.
Isn't that wonderful.
I'm hard to photograph, that dangly thing on the camera is mezmerizing.

Let me tell you a little about me:
I like to help Humom play games on the computer and do jigsaw puzzles.
I know how to turn off the monitor and play mouse.
And I like to play chase with Sooner.
She does not like to play chase with me though.
I don't think she likes me very much.
I am 2 years old now.
I am half Siamese and half Alleycat.
HockeyPuck and me have the same momma.
My daddy and Puck came from the same litter.
I'm the inbred s**thead.
I'm a craaazy meezer but I'm also a marshmallow.
I have 5 brofurs and a sissyfur, all of them are older than me
except my best friend and partner in crime; Chester the Jester.

Take today for example. I was just laying on the desk,
hogging the mouse and turning the monitor off and on with my butt, while bathing (I'm a multi-tasker you know). When all of the sudden; Chester the Pester comes over and head butts me. Before that he was laying on the file cabinets sandwiched between Puck and Lucky. So then I bit him on the neck for head butting me because he bit me yesterday and I didn't get to bite him back right then. Then Humom shoved us over into Puck and Lucky and Puck got all growly and hissy. He doesn't like us very much when we intrude upon his solitude.